Reader Interview- Sue Allen Milkovich

Many people know Sue. She has been a constant source of friendship and support for many writers on Facebook. Her group called ‘Friends’ is there for anyone to promote their artistic endeavors and she is everyone’s biggest champion. She was one of the first people to read my group on FB and she contacted me with the most loving and supportive message. She was our cheerleader and a source of encouragement. We often wrote, knowing that Sue would be online to read it, and that is what kept us going even in slumps or times we were crazy busy. If you are lucky enough to know Sue, then I am sure you know exactly what I mean. I have been fortunate to call her my friend for several years, and I love her dearly. I was truly looking forward to this interview, and as always, she didn’t disappoint.

DS: Which male book character would you want to spend the day with, and which female character? What would you do with each of them? Hang out with each separately or alone?

Sue: I don’t have a favorite female character anymore. I gave up on M/F books about 3 yrs ago and haven’t found a book that really pulls me back to that genre. I have read some great M/F books in the past 3 years but not any that would really pull me back into that genre for long. M/F Series I have to buy are Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward and Masters At Arms by Kallypso Masters and anything by Eva Lenoir and Harper Jewel.
DS: I definitely prefer M/M books as well, writing as well as reading. But, I love some of my M/F pairings that are coming up in the Immortal Isle Series.

DS: Which author would you like to hang out with, and what would you spend the time doing?
Sue: If I could spend time with any authors I could pick it would be you, DS Kenn, Jennivie Wirries, JT Cheyanne, VL Moon, Eva Lenoir and Harper Jewel. I would love to go to dinner and play Texas holdem’ with the 6 of you. I would give anything to meet you all or just conference call with you all. I think you are a superstar bunch of women. The best group of friends I have met on facebook. You all made sure to check on me after my dad died a year ago and it meant the world to me that you all cared and sent condolences.
And WOO HOO I actually know AUTHORS that mentioned me in their books, VL Moon published one of my reviews in one of her books and DS Kenn mentioned me by name!! I almost passed out, I cried like a baby both times and it was a childhood dream come true. You just have no idea, no idea how much that meant in my life. Who would’ve ever thought that would happen in my lifetime!!!

DS: I would love that! It sounds like a great time. I suck at poker but still, would be worth it. I’ve known Eva and Jennivie for a lot of years. I’ve written with both of them and I love them dearly. I have mad love for VL and JT as well. I don’t know Harper but if she is a friend of yours, she must be a quality lady and I am sure she is awesome. ☺

DS: What is your favorite genre, and do you ever go outside that genre?

Sue: I stay in the M/M genre because it’s not about saving the poor distressed woman. You get both points of view of the men. I always wondered what the men were thinking about the women they had to save and you never got his clear point of view.

But I stay with the M/M genre because I love men. I want to know what makes them tick. What they think, what turns them on. What they think about inside, there emotions you know what I mean. I think that is why I’m drawn to the m/m books. They work together to solve problems, no one has to save the damsel in distress. They don’t have to go through that whole drama of do I want him or don’t I, like they make the women do in the F/M books. God I can’t stand that whole conflict. Should I sleep with him or shouldn’t I? That drives me batshit crazy.

DS: I couldn’t agree more. I find it much easier to write and think from a male point of view. It’s more comfortable for me. It’s harder for me to even write female dialogue at times. And I am not all about the HEA. I will give it to most of my characters, but they will work for it, and it won’t be flowery. I can’t do flowery.

DS: What makes you want to try a new author?

Sue: The story is what draws me to a new author. If someone recommends a new author I look at the story the new author is releasing. If the story doesn’t look interesting, I don’t get the book. If the new author is releasing the story for .99 cents and the book is like 150 pages I’ll give it a try. But the story itself has to have appeal.

DS: What influences you more, the back blurb or the cover?

Sue: I think the cover and then the blurb. I hate to admit it. But the cover is what grabs my attention first.

DS: Do you read reviews? Do you write reviews?

Sue: I try not to read reviews. I read short reviews that don’t describe the whole story. I don’t want to read the book in a review I HATE THOSE REVIEWERS!!! I try to write reviews for books I like or love. If I like or love a book I get excited and have to write a review to tell everyone how great it is. I try to give out enough information in a review so that everyone wants to read it to find out what I’m talking about. I think reviews that tell the whole story are unfair to the book. Why read the book if the review gave it away already. Also a negative review won’t stop me from buying a book, just because someone doesn’t like it doesn’t mean I will. I have liked lots of books with 3 star reviews. It’s up to the reader what they enjoy so I don’t let reviews pick what I read. It’s the blurb from the book that decides what appeals to me personally.

DS: If you could ask any author any question, what would it be?

Sue: My question to any author is how do you organize the story? Once you start the story, how do you decide what will go into it and what gets left out? How do you pick the main characters and how do you leave characters out? How do you pick the villain? How do you choose when the story will end and how? I don’t understand the whole process of how it is organized. Can you find anyone who wants to answer that????

DS: That is a hard question! ☺ For me, the characters decide. You read my writing on FB. The story would develop in my head and then the characters kind of grow from there. Some were intended to be main characters, but for various reasons ended up being moved into a peripheral role. Dane is one of those, most likely. Lucas and Dacia as well. Chris will have a large role in one book. I have always seen him as a villain but with reason. All of my characters are like that though; they are part hero and part villain. And I hate leaving out parts of the story but sometimes you have to. The editors decide a lot of that, if it doesn’t add to the story, it’s out. I had to fight to keep Chris in book one, because I know he is going to be important later in the series and I wanted readers to catch the quickest glimpse of him. I will say that I am having a much harder time deciding where book two will start. I am hoping it gets easier with time.

DS: What book would you like made into a movie?

Sue: Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunters Series

DS: Any book or author pet peeves?

Sue: When they end a book the wrong way. I read a book once that I ended so fast I picked up my Kindle and looked for more. I was so mad I made a note on my order notebook to never buy a book by that author again and I deleted the book from my Kindle. I will never ever forget that authors name and I will never ever buy another book from her again. Every time I see her name I cringe and shake my head. If a book ends the wrong way too abruptly or with no rhyme or reason I will probably never read that author again. I mean if a book ends quickly that’s ok as long as you could see it coming, but if it just ends at the end of a sentence like that book I was talking about then I’m done.

DS: If you could mix and match pairings from different series/authors, what characters would you put together?

Sue: Character pairings from different books I don’t know about. I would like to see Laziel and Terric get together….hahaha. But as far as that goes I don’t know. Authors that I would like to see write together would be DS Kenn and Jennivie Wirries. I think the two of you could play well off of each other and come up with a great book. I know that you are both busy with your own careers to do anything like that but you are both terrific when it comes to paranormal characters. I think if we can ever pry the hard drives and notebooks out of Jennivie’s hands she will explode. I just have this image of her swimming in characters and stories waiting to be released.

DS: Jennivie and I may very well write something one day. I had approached her with a story I had in my head and asked her if she wanted to write one of the parts. She did a great job and we love the characters. Maybe someday…

DS: Can you list some of your favorite scenes from various books?

Sue: I can’t pick a favorite scene from just one book but I can tell you what part I love most. I love the part of the book when the characters realize that they are in love. When they look into each others eyes and know that this is the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. However the author writes that I think is the most important scene in the whole book. It doesn’t have to be wine and roses but it does have to be the most important.


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