Reader Interview – Beth

Beth is another friend I met on Facebook, and I can’t really remember how or when we weren’t FB friends. She is also one of my beloved Beta Readers, I trust her and value her opinion. She was gracious enough to agree to answer some questions for me, and I love getting different perspectives on authors and books. If you are interested in being interviewed, hit me up!

Beth's flower1

1. DS: Which male book character would you want to spend the day with, and which female character? What would you do with each of them? Hang out with each separately or alone?

Beth: I would pick Eggie Ray and just stay at home. I don’t know which female, maybe Beth from BDB. Then I could meet all the brothers. Separately.

DS: I would want to meet all the brothers, as well. Separately but then all together as well, I love the dynamic between them.

2. DS: Which author would you like to hang out with, and what would you spend the time doing?

Beth: I couldn’t pick just one. Shelly Laurenston and TA Gray. Would like to just be able to sit and visit with them, coffee and a meal, just like you would a neighbor. Talking and learning more about them.

DS. I would love to sit and hang out with you and Sue someday. Talk about books and authors, maybe all hang out and prepare a meal together, or go to a Barnes and Noble somewhere and sit for a few hours.

3. DS: What is your favorite genre, and do you ever go outside that genre?

Beth: Romance/paranormal romance and yes, I will read other books. I also like mysteries and adventure books. Nothing depressing or really sad.

4. DS: What makes you want to try a new author?

Beth: I always check B&N for new book releases. If it catches my interest I’ll buy. I also check sometimes for free books and take advantage of them. If I like it and it is part of a series, they have me and I will end up buying the series.

5. DS: What influences you more, the back blurb or the cover?

Beth: Absolutely the cover. I read ebooks now so no back covers.

6. DS: Do you read reviews? Do you write reviews?

Beth: Yes, I usually read other peoples reviews. Hate to admit I very seldom leave one myself. I am trying to do better now that I realize how important it is to the author.

DS: I’m the same, I’ve gotten better about leaving reviews now that I know how essential they are. I have a hard time figuring out what to say sometimes, without spoiling anything. Although, poor reviews won’t necessarily stop me from reading a book, just as good reviews don’t always mean I will like it.

7. DS: If you could ask any author any question, what would it be?

Beth: Jennifer Ashley, TA Gray & Shelly Laurenson. (Again, I could not pick just one). I love all of their books. I think my question would be how they come up with their characters and the different all the different personalities.

8. DS: What book would you like made into a movie?

Howl For It by Shelly Laurenston. I don’t know what it is about that book, but I just love it. Have read it numerous times. On the other hand, movies are rarely as good as the books.

9. DS: Any book or author pet peeves?

Beth: Why do we have to wait for the next book? Hurry up and write!

I know, I am impatient too, and this time it’s with myself for not having book two out yet. 🙂

10. DS: If you could mix and match pairings from different series/authors, what characters would you put together?

Beth: Eggie Smith, Mercury Warrant and Zsadist or Rhage

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