Reader Interview – Kim Stone

Kim Stone, a long time Facebook friend of mine, agreed to let me interview her. Hers was a fun brain to pick. 🙂stone

DS: Which male book character would you want to spend the day with, and which female character? What would you do with each of them? Hang out with each separately or alone?

Kim: Rhage from BDB, we would sit down to last meal together.

Cat from the Night Huntress series, we would talk about Bones for hours.

Hang out separately.

DS: Just about any Brother would be amazing to hang out with. My top two would be Zsadist or Vishous, but Rhage, yeah. I can see spending time with him. When I think of him, I picture him holding the moon in the palm of his hand.

DS: Which author would you like to hang out with, and what would you spend the time doing?

Kim: JR WARD, I’d spend the time grilling her about the BDB series.

DS: My brother is also a fan of the BDB series and we have always said we would love to have some time to walk around in her head.

DS: What is your favorite genre, and do you ever go outside that genre?

Kim: Favourite is very hard to pick, I love paranormal, YA , NA, M/M, Urban fantasy as well as Menage.

Yes for book group we pick books from every genre.

DS: What makes you want to try a new author?

Kim: Recommendations from friends, winning free books, genre I like.

DS: What influences you more, the back blurb or the cover?

Kim: Neither really, if it’s an Author I like I will read, if it’s a genre I like I read.

I mostly read ebooks,so no back blurb and the cover is irrelevant.

DS: That blurb, so hard to write! I think it’s the thing I agonize over the most about writing.

DS: Do you read reviews? Do you write reviews?

Kim: Yes I read reviews. Yes I write a few reviews..I always rate on Goodreads cos I can just star rate without words.

DS: If you could ask any author any question, what would it be?

Kim: Why does it take so long for the next book to come out????? * tapping foot*

DS: *swallows hard* I know, I know! It’s so hard, I’m impatient to write as much as possible but life seems to have other ideas. As a reader, it’s the same, I want to know what happens right away, I hate when a book ends.

DS: What book would you like made into a movie?

Kim: I have loathed just about every movie made from a book, they never put EVERY part of the book in,so I say LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!!!

Yeah, I agree. The only good thing is maybe it brings people to the book who wouldn’t have read it otherwise? Maybe.

DS: Any book or author pet peeves?

Kim: Pet Peeve….”I let go a breath, I didn’t know I was holding” HELLO, the only time I hold my breathe is under water. END OF!!! One star penality in my review.

DS: Ah, this one is a tough call for me. I am sure I have used phrasing similar at some point. But then, there are times I’ve gotten so intense about something that I didn’t realize I had stopped breathing. It could be from pain, or anger, fear…

DS: If you could mix and match pairings from different series/authors, what characters would you put together?

Kim: Anita Blake, Cat Crawford, Mercy Thompson, Rose Hathaway and Riley Jenson.

DS: Can you list some of your favorite scenes from various books?

Kim: Adrian Ivashkov to Rose ..” Y…y…you broke my h.. h… heart”

Thank you for letting me interview you, Kim 🙂

(Photo provided by Kim and used with her permission)

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